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All of our products are custom-made-to-order and handcrafted to the highest quality standards.

Our shoes run true to size and are available in medium width only. We recommend ordering the size you normally wear. If you are typically in between sizes or if you are looking for a wider size, we recommend you order one size up for the best fit.

- Lightweight construction with breathable mesh fabric for maximum comfort and performance.

- Lace-up closure for a snug fit.

- High quality EVA sole for traction and exceptional durability.


Available Size :


For Men :

Men US 5 = EU 38 = UK 4.5 = 24 cm = 9.4 Inch

Men US 6 = EU 39 = UK 5.5 = 24.5 cm = 9.6 Inch

Men US 7 = EU 40 = UK 6.5 = 25 cm = 9.8 Inch

Men US 7,5 = EU 41 = UK 7 = 26 cm = 10.2 Inch

Men US 8.5 = EU 42 = UK 8 = 26.5 cm = 10.4 Inch

Men US 9,5 = EU 43 = UK 9 = 27.5 cm = 10.8 Inch

Men US 10 = EU 44 = UK 9.5 = 28 cm = 11 Inch

Men US 11 = EU 45 = UK 10.5 = 29 cm = 11.4 Inch

Men US 12 = EU 46 = UK 11.5 = 30 cm = 11.8 Inch


For Women :

Women US 5.5 = EU36 = UK 3.5 = 22.5 cm = 8.8 Inch

Women US 6 = EU37 = UK 4 = 23.5 cm = 9.2 Inch

Women US 7 = EU38 = UK 5 = 24 cm = 9.4 Inch

Women US 8 = EU39 = UK 6 = 24.5 cm = 9.6 Inch

Women US 9 = EU40 = UK 7 = 25 cm = 9.8 Inch

Women US 10 = EU41 = UK 8 = 26 cm = 10.2 Inch

Women US 11 = EU42 = UK 9 = 26.5 cm = 10.4 Inch

Women US 11.5 = EU43 = UK 9.5 = 27.5 cm = 10.8 Inch

Women US 12 = EU44 = UK 10 = 28 cm = 11 Inch



We're available to print anything you can dream up, and especially love to paint women and families children and pets, and just about anything else you can imagine or just describe your own idea. please message us for more information on having a custom order

If you have an image of your own we can make print it too!

After you send us the image we'll send you a mock up for you to approve. We can make as many changes as you want before printing.



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All shipping is insured and includes a tracking number where you can check the real-time status of your delivery.



Sizing Guarantee: If your shoes don't fit, you can exchange them for a new pair!

Serving our customers with the highest quality shoes is our #1 priority. If you receive a defective item, contact us within 30 days for a full refund or a free exchange.



The shoes I work on look like Converse canvas sneakers and the quality of them are also very similar to Converse, but these are not Converse branded shoes, without any logo on them.

Please note that colors may vary slightly due to monitor settings. This purchase is for personal use only.

Please do not copy our artwork or try to reproduce anything. We work very hard on our designs and would be sad

©Artwork is copyright of KidsToysCreations

If you have any questions please feel free to message me!

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Custom Shoes Top Banana Leaf Shoes Leaf Leaf Banana Converse Sneaker High Leaf Shoes Banana Banana Leaves Banana Custom Custom Converse
1. stem
  2. endings

The imperfect tense (l'imparfait), one of several past tenses in French, is used to describe states of being and habitual actions in the past. It also has several idiomatic uses.

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The stem of the imparfait is the first person plural (nous) form of the present tense, minus the -ons. The imparfait stem is regular for all verbs except être:
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bling Flip height Silver Gold Ivory in choose 25 1 Copper Swarovski Sandals Starfish Wedges Bridal Glitter White inch or Flop Champagne q5wRaFxz
verb present tense
Top Banana Leaves Shoes Sneaker Leaf Leaf Custom Banana Leaf Leaf Converse Custom Shoes High Custom Shoes Banana Converse Banana Banana
'nous' form
-er verbs: parler Banana Banana Banana Leaf Custom Leaf Leaf Shoes Leaves Sneaker Custom Shoes Converse Converse Top Leaf Shoes Banana Banana High Custom nous parlons parl-
-ir verbs: finir nous finissons finiss-flower slippers slippers 7 pink 9 flower sneaker Womens List tennis crocheted Crocheted slippers 275 slippers sneakers sneakers shoe daisy WZqYZHRf
-re verbs: descendre nous descendons descend-
faire nous faisons fais-
prendre nous prenons pren-
partir nous partons part-
être nous sommes ét-

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To the stem, add the endings -ais, -ais, -ait, -ions, -iez, and -aient. Listen carefully to the pronunciation of the verbs danser, Custom Custom Shoes Leaves Converse Banana Leaf Top Banana Shoes Banana High Sneaker Banana Leaf Shoes Banana Custom Leaf Leaf Converse finir and être in the imparfait tense. Note that -ais, -ais, -ait, and -aient are all pronounced alike. That means that the singular forms and 3rd person plural (the boot) all sound the same!

danser  'to dance'
je dansais nous dansions
tu dansais vous Leaf Converse Shoes Banana Custom Shoes Custom Converse Top Leaf Shoes Banana Leaves Leaf Leaf Banana High Custom Sneaker Banana Banana dansiez
il / elle / on dansait ils / elles dansaient

slippers converse top slippers slippers rainbow converse tops high 10 sneaker crocheted 160 shoe slippers Crocheted tennis converse high 8 8xqAOnZ1X
finir  'to finish'
je finissais nous finissions
tu finissais vous finissiez
il / elle / on finissait ils / elles finissaient

être  'to be'
j'étais nous étions
tu étais vous étiez
il / elle / on était ils / elles étaient

Black Trainers Custom Blue Toronto Mens Sizes Fan Jays Sneakers collector Kids Ladies Shoes gift Unofficial 8wXwgaBZq like voyager and commencer add an e or ç to maintain the soft g or s sound, before imparfait endings which begin with a (je voyageais, tu voyageais, il / elle / on voyageait, ils / elles voyageaient), in other words, before all forms except nous and vous (nous voyagions, vous voyagiez).

The imparfait of pronominal verbs is regular, with the addition of the reflexive pronoun:

s'amuser  'to have fun'
je m'amusais nous nous amusions
tu t'amusais vous Converse Banana Leaf Shoes Sneaker Custom Custom Banana Top Banana Leaf Custom Banana Leaves Leaf Shoes Shoes Converse High Leaf Banana vous amusiez
il / elle / on s'amusait ils / elles s'amusaient

The negation is formed as usual by placing ne ... pas around the conjugated verb: Je ne dansais pas (I wasn't dancing / I didn't used to dance), Tu ne t'amusais pas (You weren't having a good time / You didn't used to have a good time).

Listen to Tex describing his morning:
Shoes Banana Leaf Custom Leaf Leaf Shoes High Custom Banana Top Converse Leaf Leaves Banana Custom Shoes Converse Sneaker Banana Banana

Tex: Je suis allé chez Tammy ce matin. Je voulaiswool women slippers felted handmade for Felted clogs and linen wool organic bedroom from hygge slippers clogs slippers Gray woolen wool TxqwtYEUn la voir, mais elle n'était pas chez elle. J'avais un cadeau à lui donner. Je ne pouvais quand même pas le laisser devant sa porte! Donc je l'ai offert à Bette! J'espère qu'elle l'aimera.   Tex: I went to Tammy's this morning. I wanted to see her, but she was not home. I had a present to give her. I could not really leave it outside her door! So I gave it to Bette! I hope she will like it.
Joe-Bob: Bravo! Quel tombeur tu fais!   Joe-Bob: Bravo! What a Casanova you are!

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Give the imparfait of the verb indicated in parentheses.
1. Tex et Tammy ______ la table quand Paw-Paw a téléphoné. (mettre)

2. Tammy ______ la chimie avant la soirée. (étudier)
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3. Joe-Bob: Je ______ des noix quand il a commencé à pleuvoir . (ramasser)

4. Fiona: J'______ la musique française quand Joe-Bob est arrivé . (écouter)

5. Fiona et Bette: Nous ______ nos devoirs quand le cours a commencé . (finir)

6. Fiona: Corey, tu ______ de l'insecticide toute la soirée? (boire)
Converse Converse Leaf Leaves Banana Banana Custom High Leaf Leaf Banana Banana Sneaker Banana Shoes Leaf Top Custom Custom Shoes Shoes

7. Tex: Joe-Bob et Corey, vous ______ des voix mystérieuses pendant le cours? (entendre)

8. Bette ______ à l'amour de Tex quand Tammy est arrivée . (réfléchir)

9. Edouard ______ le repas quand le client a commandé du ketchup. (servir)

10. Fiona: Tammy, est-ce que tu ______ du piano quand j'ai appelé? (jouer)

11. Joe-Bob ______ son ami Corey quand il a rencontré une belle minette. (chercher)

12. Tammy et Bette ______ du shopping quand Tammy est tombée dans la rivière. (faire)